14 October 2017


Artists : Adam Stone + Nils Bertho, Andy Leuenberger, Anna Ehrlemark, Ben Sanair, 
Boris Pramatarov, Crippa Almqvist, David Paleo, Gabriel Delmas, Gaspard Pitiot, 
Margaux Salmi, Gene Mutation, Gwen Tomahawk, Hugo Charpentier, Ivana Armanini, 
Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, Jean-Paul Gaucher, Johannes Stahl, Jon Vaughn, 
Jyrki Heikkinen, Kapreles, Kaz (France), Ludovic Adam, Marc van Elburg, 
Mattias Elftorp, Muriel Bellini, Nigoul, Olaf Ladousse, Paatrice HSH, 
Mutartis Boswell, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Sam Rictus, Thomas Raimondi, Timothy Georgarakis, 
Timwnas Timwn, Guillermo Valarino, Valfret, Vanco Rebac, Theo von Wood, 
Vladimir Palibrk, Wilda Wolf, William Davison, Xenoïde, Alkbazz, Zigendemonic, Zven Balslev 

Collectif, Silkscreen, Handmade binding
100 copies A4 + smaller booklet & stampfoil
2016 / France

12 February 2017

DURESS / Moving Mountains Gallery

Next Exhibition: 

Mega lineup of artists hitting Wollongong's Moving Mountains Gallery this month with a variety
of high caliber works fleshed out in both intensely detailed black & white and explosive colors.

Cal Sino / Daniel Breda / Jaya Degur / Nerdgore / QuartzVii / Rel Pham (Terhor) / Zigendemonic 

and more to be announced

16 Feb 2017 - 18:00
Wollongong, Australia

07 January 2017


GORO at M2 Gallery (Sydney, Australia)
11 Jan 2017 - Opening at 18:00

Cal Sino // QuartzVii //
Samson // Nerdgore // Zigendemonic
Psychodelic Psychedelic Gore and Erotic Art. Beautiful detailed black and white illustrations. 

Local and international talents. Over 50 artworks on display. Come and see it by yourself!

15 November 2016


“ cavaleras grafikas ”
in memory of Jacques Noel and Marc Druez  


 Jiro Ishikawa / Stephane Rosse / Hamadaraka sisters / Ciro Fanelli / Mike Diana / Stan Liquide / Mathieu Desjardins
Emre Orhun / Zven Balslev / Martin Lopez Lam / Fredox / Victor Dunkel / Daniel Cantrell / Nuvish / Bertoya
Tetsunori Tawaraya / Irkus m Zeberio / Marcel Ruijters / Lilas / Timothy Georgarakis / Igor Hofbauer / Jurictus
Pakito Bolino / Sekitani / Motohiro Hayakawa / Léo Quievreux / Matti Hagelberg / Caroline Sury Craoman
Arnaud Rochard / Stumead / Aeron Alfrey / Liao Yen Wei / Ota Keiti / Marc Brunier Mestas / John Broadley
Marcus Nyblom / Martes Bathori / Pierre Marty / Daisuke Ichiba / Pakito Bolino / Remi / Wataru Kasahara
David Sandlin / Reinhard Scheibner / Julien Gardon / Moolinex / Celine Guichard / Dav Guedin / Andreas Marchal
Zigendemonic / Sam Rictus / Chloé Mathiez / Laetita Brochier / Samplerman / Zven / Antoine Bernhar
Ben Sanair / Ludovic Levasseur / Tommy Musturi
  2016 / France

02 November 2016


(Atlas of Fear)
 Published by 665, with support by Серi/граф, in Kiev
665Library (group)
Hard cover / 130 pages / Black and White / Edition of 120
 40 authors from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, USA, Chile, Argentina, Serbia, Finland:
665, Cерi/граф, Jorge Pomar aka AMOR, Zigendemonic, Евгений Мулук, Жюли Реше, Radio Surrealism,
The Watt, Паша Бумажный, Pasha Open, Алена Чобану, Вика Ким, Это Алешенька, Eрор Той Блуд,
Dzaizku, Lucas Vogt, Юлия Аппен, Николай Муравьедов, Кристина Колесникова, Света Муллари,
КУТ 115 СС, SHAM, Анастасия Кайнеанунг, Samek, Нина Стадник,
Аня Рослякова, Антон Сингуров,
Марианна Тариш Vaccination, Валерий Копысов Vaccination, Blot, Eddie Perrote, Дмитрий Булныгин,
Canny, Костя Тращенков, Анна Васина, Лиза Яриновская, WDL, Константин Ставров, 

Маша Фоя, Оксана Гаджiй, Kat Zap, Jon
Ukraine / 2016

15 September 2016


 Published by Gabriel Delmas.
Vita Ivantcha, Gabriel Delmas, Justine Arbel, AlienZ, Eva Darkstar, Ann Blake, Frédéric Fleury, 
Andréas Marchal, Christophe Poot, Frater Perturbado, Emmanuelle Pidoux, Antoine-Toussaint 
Casanova, Theo Von Wood, Harmony Ryu, Ratigher, Frédéric Poincelet, Nina Bunjevac, Alkbazz, 
Sébastien Sauvêtre, Lenté Chris, Bernardino Costantino, Patrick Pion, Rome Chabin, Olivier Specio, 
Justine Gasquet, Julien Lauber, Zigendemonic, Joseph Lacroix, Nils Bertho & Ana Prr Prr, Black
 Barnabé, Julien Gardon, Marie Fegerl, David Calvo, Georges Clarenko, Marie-Pierre Brunel, 
Mathurin Van Heeghe, Horti Bayeul
2016 / France

  Julien Gardon (left) - Zigendemonic (right)


04 September 2016

EATEN BY DUCKS 2006-2016

Artists: Marcel Ruijters, Muriel Bellini, Gaspard Pitiot, Dieter VDO, 
Crippa Almqvist, Zeke Clough, FuFu Frauenwahl, Kurt Komoda, Tony Burhouse, Zigendemonic, 
Aeron Alfrey, Shaltmira, David Paleo, Robert A Gilmour, Sean Aaberg, Ibrahim R Ineke.

Published by Le Garage L.
2016  /  Forcalquier, France

03 September 2016

EATEN BY DUCKS 2006-2016

Collective Exhibition on occasion of 10 years of blogging Eaten By Ducks, 
founded by Sean Aaberg, with artworks by
Marcel Ruijters, Muriel Bellini, Gaspard Pitiot, Dieter VDO, Crippa Almqvist, Zeke Clough, 
FuFu Frauenwahl, Kurt Komoda, Tony Burhouse, Zigendemonic, Aeron Alfrey, Shaltmira, 
David Paleo, Robert A Gilmour, Sean Aaberg, Ibrahim R Ineke, Aleksandra Waliszewska.
3 - 23 Sep 2016
Forcalquier, France 
Poster by Marcel Ruijters

02 September 2016


Organized by Éditions Terriennes
09.09.2016 - 30.09.2016
(Les Pavillons Sauvages)
Toulouse, France.

Hellofreaks, Mathieu Desjardins, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, Cacodesign, Zigendemonic, 
Gaël Bonnefon, Marlène Côtelette, Kinder-K, Remedact, A4 Putevie, Franëck & David Chaignon, 
Jérôme Souillot, Peter Wild, Tarte Tatin, Takavazi, Klaus Walbrou, Vincent Lefebvre & Paul Poule,
Adeline Faye, Vincent Lachaux, Louis16art, Charlène Desfougères, Nils Bertho & Ana Prr Prr, 
Nicolas Savoye, Anais Barrachina, Thomas Raimondi, Oriane Huet, Adrien Jacquemet - Arthur Plateau, 
Gaeimago, Jérôme Barbosa, Maxime Batho, Tenkichi, Rac, Allh, Louise desJams, Kaerhon, Kaz, 
Méla, Adrien Nigoul, Nina Blanchot, Ema Dée, les nébuleuses, Clémence Estivals, Julien Cobos, 
Dasz Panda, _lila*, Céline Maltere & Jean-Paul Verstraeten

07 July 2016


7 July 2016 at Urban Spree  
Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition with
Danae-Cuesta, Zigendemonic, Julia Sinelnikova aka The Oracle, 
Culttastic, Dollar Baby, Viviana Druga, Shaltmira, Chordeva.

Vagina's Apologies is a vision brought forth by Lithuanian artist and organizer Shaltmira, known for her complex, dark illustrations and ritualistic performances. Shaltmira has recently relocated to Berlin, and for this exhibition she brings together a diverse group of visual and performing artists with international backgrounds, all of whom are tied together by their alchemical approach to feminism. The participating artists draw equal inspiration from the futuristic to the traditional, drawing on technology, cyberfeminism, and ancient witchcraft to fuse the digital and the handmade into synergistic works. The exhibition ranges from visual art, live performance and video projections, framed by the driving musical stylings of UnReaL and Worshippers.

For both the curator and the artists, breaking down the walls of gender and the way it is conceived in language and society is a goal and a tool. They aim to use humor, charged imagery and the body in its extreme forms to demolish the labels which continue to haunt even the most progressive circles. The fluidity of the human spirit trumps all in this exploration, rather than a single definition of what is, or of the right approach to these questions. In an era where the norms of gender and methodologies of feminist art have come to the forefront of the discussion in many parts of the word, the participating artists bravely examine these issues through photography, costume, video, illustration and song.

Notably, most of the artists hail from Eastern Europe (Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania), while all are loosely based in Berlin and Brooklyn, New York. Eastern European folklore is rich with allusions to witchcraft and sorcery – these are the types of stories children are commonly raised reading, and idiomatic phrases in the languages often derive from such tales, making their way into the common consciousness. Thus, artists steeped in technology in their urban worlds are drawing on a deep cultural connection to their heritage.

22 April 2016


I'm really excited to participate in group exhibition
22.04 - 07.05.2016 
Galerie Knoth & Kruger / Oranierstr. 188

EATEN BY DUCKS is an international collective of artists who share their work and 
their ideas on a blog of the same name since its inception in 2006. 
The title ist a reference to the grim demise of Wilhelm Busch's rascals Max & Moritz. 
It suggests a tendency towards rebellion, a faible for the morbid, an absurdist view of life and 
its conclusion, and last but not least a love for Graphic Storytelling.
In spite it being a rather diverse crowd in terms of artistic style and philosophical outlook, 
these may well be the features which connect the group's members.

Marcel Ruijters - Zeke Clough - Robert Adam Gilmour - Kurt Komoda - Tony Burhouse - Gaspard Pitiot
Aeron Alfrey - Shaltmira - FuFu Frauenwahl - Alkbazz - David Paleo - Muriel Bellini - CrippaXXXalmqvist
Sean Aaberg - Ibrahim R. Ineke - DieterVDO - Aleksandra Waliszewska - Zigendemonic 


24 December 2015


My drawings on the annual group exhibition "A4 BALLPOINT" by Karas Gallery.  
The 10th anniversary of this huge project.  
24 Dec 2015 - 26 Jan 2016. 
Kiev, Ukraine.

15 December 2015


Ecstasy Editions Artist Clothing Series [002]
Taking orders Nov 29 - Dec 31
All orders shipping first and second weeks of Jan 2016
$40 + 15$ (CAD) shipping worldwide
American Apparel Power Washed (Black/White, S/M/L/XL)
(Ladies Tees available upon request)
*Please indicate what size you’d like in your order
Contact: ecstasyeditions@gmail.com

10 December 2015


10-16 Dec 2015 / HashtagBar / Kiev, Ukraine

13 November 2015


I've participated in really larger project by
330 artists from around the world involved in dark and raw art has drawn Dancing Death.  
The exhibition organized by MISSADLINE & BLANQUET
06-15 Nov 2015 (France)
Poster by UDA & Exhibition View