26 April 2014



Volt Agapeyev and Zigendemonic

Vave cc - Zigendemonic - Dase - Fatum - Ruf Dudovsky - Ten cc
Andriy Hіr - M.Yop - Volt Agapeyev - Yot

The idea of this exhibition lies in graphic artists interest in experimental street art, anti-style in graffiti and other graphical trash that wasleft by street artists for viewing in public space. This reminds clash between randomly founded archive of experience of unknown culture environment with it's own aesthetical preferences. Treating this phenomena like experimental fine art, we are attracted by another reminder, that painting should be always beautiful, pleaseureful or being created with some idea in mind. Here we can see pure expression thrown out on surface without any confusion, doubts or comprehension. Wild, impulsive, untidy sprayed paintings, often are inspiring because of their trivial plots, combination of colors and graphical textures. Their are interesting because they are original works, which are demonstrating experience of creating non-retinal and abstract compositions. When authors are trying to fully abstract from existing canons of graffiti culture, they are escaping stylistical dividings and don't need any special rating or praise from viewers. In such works you can often see spark, permanent emotion that is rapidly fixed by the artist.

26 Apr - 9 May 2014 / Bunkermuz - Ternopil, Ukraine

 Vave cc - Zigendemonic - Dase

 Zigendemonic - Dase - Fatum - Ruf Dudovsky

 Fatum - Ruf Dudovsky

 Ruf Dudovsky - Ten cc - Andriy Hіr

 Elda - Elda+Ruf Dudovsky - Volt Agapeyev