08 October 2015


Action and beat'em up 2D platformer game on iOS and Android devices.
The main character is Skater Boy who travels through 21 exciting levels.
Art for the game (objects, characters, backgrounds, logo etc.) created by Zigendemonic in 2014-2015.
The game was released in 2015 on iTunes and GooglePlay.
In 2016 the project was bought up and removed from public access.
See more creating process at my Behance.

Also, in 2014-2015 on this project worked:
Igor Zverev, Anton Brat, Sergey Akkel, Arthur Danilov, Maryia Kostevich, Svyatoslav Pankratov. 
Sound by Myztical, HKG Knights, Zhenek Gorbunov.