22 April 2016


I'm really excited to participate in group exhibition
22.04 - 07.05.2016 
Galerie Knoth & Kruger / Oranierstr. 188

EATEN BY DUCKS is an international collective of artists who share their work and 
their ideas on a blog of the same name since its inception in 2006. 
The title ist a reference to the grim demise of Wilhelm Busch's rascals Max & Moritz. 
It suggests a tendency towards rebellion, a faible for the morbid, an absurdist view of life and 
its conclusion, and last but not least a love for Graphic Storytelling.
In spite it being a rather diverse crowd in terms of artistic style and philosophical outlook, 
these may well be the features which connect the group's members.

Marcel Ruijters - Zeke Clough - Robert Adam Gilmour - Kurt Komoda - Tony Burhouse - Gaspard Pitiot
Aeron Alfrey - Shaltmira - FuFu Frauenwahl - Alkbazz - David Paleo - Muriel Bellini - CrippaXXXalmqvist
Sean Aaberg - Ibrahim R. Ineke - DieterVDO - Aleksandra Waliszewska - Zigendemonic