07 July 2016


7 July 2016 at Urban Spree  
Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition with
Danae-Cuesta, Zigendemonic, Julia Sinelnikova aka The Oracle, 
Culttastic, Dollar Baby, Viviana Druga, Shaltmira, Chordeva.

Vagina's Apologies is a vision brought forth by Lithuanian artist and organizer Shaltmira, known for her complex, dark illustrations and ritualistic performances. Shaltmira has recently relocated to Berlin, and for this exhibition she brings together a diverse group of visual and performing artists with international backgrounds, all of whom are tied together by their alchemical approach to feminism. The participating artists draw equal inspiration from the futuristic to the traditional, drawing on technology, cyberfeminism, and ancient witchcraft to fuse the digital and the handmade into synergistic works. The exhibition ranges from visual art, live performance and video projections, framed by the driving musical stylings of UnReaL and Worshippers.

For both the curator and the artists, breaking down the walls of gender and the way it is conceived in language and society is a goal and a tool. They aim to use humor, charged imagery and the body in its extreme forms to demolish the labels which continue to haunt even the most progressive circles. The fluidity of the human spirit trumps all in this exploration, rather than a single definition of what is, or of the right approach to these questions. In an era where the norms of gender and methodologies of feminist art have come to the forefront of the discussion in many parts of the word, the participating artists bravely examine these issues through photography, costume, video, illustration and song.

Notably, most of the artists hail from Eastern Europe (Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania), while all are loosely based in Berlin and Brooklyn, New York. Eastern European folklore is rich with allusions to witchcraft and sorcery – these are the types of stories children are commonly raised reading, and idiomatic phrases in the languages often derive from such tales, making their way into the common consciousness. Thus, artists steeped in technology in their urban worlds are drawing on a deep cultural connection to their heritage.